Penguins Soccer 2024 Summer ID Camp, Day 1 event image

July 15 - 15 2024
Penguins Soccer 2024 Summer ID Camp, Day 1


Mon 2:00PM to Mon 8:00PM

in School Next Fall, 9th-12th

Farmers National Bank Field

Outfield Camper


You've seen countless camp invites, we know! But hold onto your shin guards, because this one's like no other! Get ready to join the ranks of NCAA Division One-level players and get trained by the epic Youngstown State University Soccer staff. Oh, and guess what? We've got the most unique, one-of-a-kind training atmosphere that'll have you kicking like a penguin on a mission!

Our Identification Clinic is not for the faint of heart; it's a turbo-charged soccer adventure that'll have you mastering technical wizardry, leveling up your "Brain Training", boosting your fitness to superhero status, and outsmarting your opponents with tactical prowess. Can you handle it?

We don't discriminate – ALL players welcome! So lace up your boots, clear your schedule, and get ready to kick it with us at Penguins Soccer Camps and Clinics.